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Our Team

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Sean Crowhurst, RFT


In 2013, Sean left the licensee life and started Crowhurst Forest Management Group Ltd. He aimed to create a consulting firm that prioritized high-quality engineering and forest management services. Sean has over thirty years of experience in operations planning, road construction and harvesting operations, contractor management, timber appraisals and permitting. Sean's background and experience help to steer the CFMG ship and ensure our course is true.

Jerin Hobbs, RPF, MBA

Partner / Project Manager

Jerin is an essential part of Crowhurst Forest Management Group Ltd. He has over fifteen years of experience in a range of professional forestry activities such as, but not limited to, timber development and valuation, operations planning, project management, timber cruising, appraisals, permitting, and site plans. Jerin also specializes in business development and strategic planning. His contributions have helped build CFMG into what it is today.

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Jason Clark

Project Manager

Jason joined Crowhurst Forest Management Group Ltd. in 2016 and quickly became an integral part of our team. He has over ten years of experience in timber development, operations planning, timber appraisals, permitting and project management. Jason has an acute understanding of forestry operations and timber appraisals. He is a driving force behind the quality of our work.

Alanah Johnson, RFT

Forest Engineer / Cruising Coordinator

Alanah started her career at Crowhurst Forest Management Group Ltd. in 2017 and instantly became a strong team member. Since joining the CFMG team, her attitude and work ethic have been and continue to be, a driving contribution to every project. She has over five years of experience in and specializes in timber development, operational planning, wood quality, site plans and cruise plans. Alanah is an inspiration for the future of CFMG.


Karen Burk, RPF

Development Forester / Silviculture Lead

Karen joined Crowhurst Forest Management Group in 2021 after relocating from Northern B.C. Successfully transitioning to B.C. coastal forestry after ten years in the interior and quickly becoming a highly valued team member and an effective coastal forester in a relatively short period has been a testament to her calibre as a professional. She specializes in ecology, silviculture strategies, appraisals, higher-level landscape plans, and safety. Karen's contributions are integral to the quality of products produced by CFMG.

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