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Photo Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 29,000 words that describe what working as a forestry consultant on the B.C. coast looks like. All of our staff love to be outside working in/exploring in various remote locations in the coastal forests.

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West Coast Beaches
Shoreline Pickups
Great Lunch Views
Pad Stoke!
Decked Wood
Evening Fun!
Foggy Day Picturesque Views
Riverside Shutdown Pads
Helicopters and Rain
Getting A Tan
Beautiful Summer Days
Thumbs Up For Fresh Snow!
Look At Those Mountains!
Old Roads Make The Best Trails
"Let Me Think....."
Birds Eye View
Forest Finds!
Waiting For The Heli As A Crew!
Terrible Office Day
Steep Ground!
Safety Meeting
"I Feel Small..."
Cedar Is Life!
Cold Water Dip!
Lookin Good Fellas!
Mid-Summer Staff Party
That's A Big Tree!
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